Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I knew you as ScreenTech Imaging before;  What is Sanitation and Equipment Graphics        Online?


A: We are still ScreenTech.  ScreenTech developed SanitationGraphicsOnline.com and EquipmentGraphicsOnline.com to sell direct to these great industries we have always served.   SanitationGraphicsOnline.com you will find Waste and Recycling Decals as well as Portable Toilet Decals.  EquipmentGraphicsOnline.com you will find Construction and Rental Industry Decals.



Q: Who is Roeda-Signs?


A: Roeda-Signs is our parent company.  ScreenTech Imaging is the screen-printing division of Roeda-Signs.  To learn more about Roeda-Signs, please visit Roeda-Signs.com  To learn more about ScreenTech Imaging a division of Roeda-Signs, please visit ScreenTech.com



Q:  I can't find the decal I want, now what?


A:  Try our search bar at the top right of the home-page.  Type a single word that you know is on the decal you are looking for see if it pops up.  If you have tried our search bar, you may contact us and put in a request for a stock decal.  You can call us toll free at 800.829.3021



Q:  I found you in a trade journal or magazine,  how do I redeem my promo code?


A:  We run specials on our decals periodically.   You can use a promo code that is attached to the ad in the trade journal or on our e-mail mailing list.  When you have added all the decals to your "shopping cart", go ahead and proceed to check out.  There will be an area to add your promo code to receive you discount or free-shipping.



Q:  This website stuff just isn't working for me, can I just place my order over the phone or          e-mail?


A:  Of Course!!  Give us a call toll free at 1.800.829.3021 or e-mail us at Roeda@ScreenTech.com





Please feel free to call 800.829.3021 or E-mail: Roeda@ScreenTech.com for assistence.